Standing on the edge..

It’s an interesting place, the edge of something.  Not exactly the old.  Not exactly the new. Not exactly the abyss of possibility created in the space between these places.  What is it that holds us back, clutching to that which we once knew, where we came from…

For me, it is responsibility, the sense that somehow I am responsible.  At the very basis, it is all up to me.  It matters what I do, what I say, what I think, who I am.  This is all of significant import.  I don’t want to let anybody down and I want all people (especially those in my closest circles) to experience the very best they can possibly experience.  I think that is the gift great creator is desiring to give to us all.  That, to me is big love and that, is what I strive to fully give- and receive…BIG LOVE.

But, really, isn’t it up to me?  I am told by my teachers that we are not asked to be responsible meaning to have dominion, duty and weight of whatever is in our realm.  Instead, be are to be responsible in that we are able to respond in a way that is authentic and appropriate.  And that we are asked to be accountable, to show up, to be counted.  Maybe the more accurate question is, am I up to it?

To truly allow myself to respond authentically and appropriately and to be counted, I have to let go.  I have to walk off that edge.  Otherwise, I am in the ego experience of  “me, me, me- it’s all up to capable me.”  It isn’t up to me.  It is me being up to allowing myself to step aside, surrender and allow for flow, a flow that is waaaaaay beyond me.  The gift of standing on the edge is choosing trust and not fear.

O.K. so, here I go.  I don’t completely understand it.  I don’t completely see it, but I have to completely trust it.  It is what I am being called forth to do and be.

So, welcome to my stepping off and stepping in…

thanks for being here.

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