Dancing For Birth


Dancing For Birth is an amazing program that blends global dance moves, affirming women’s circle and ancient birth wisdom.  It is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and to prepare your mind, body, spirit and emotions for the adventure of motherhood and to find a community of women who love and support you as you prepare to give birth with courage, joy and love.  After your birth, bring baby back with you to class to rejoin your dancing sisters, be welcomed and acknowledged for the birth “she-ro” you are and keep dancing with baby right into your new life together.

Classes begin soon:

Dancing For Birth Instructor Training:

Dancers, Birth Workers, Ob/GYN’s and Moms can all gain so much from this 14 hour training.  CEU’s are available.   You may chose Level 1 for basic information and if you want to be an instructor, Level 1/2.


For more information:http://www.dancingforbirth.com